A Lifetime of Time

Just like the immortal Avengers of the Marvel Universe discovered, a time heist was the solution to saving the planet. While many of us might wish we had the possibility of a Tony Stark fix-it in the form of a fully functioning time-space GPS to alter the course of our lives’ journey, we have to make do with time, the way the universe intended it – unchangeable.

What is survival, if not a duration of time through which we adapt to various social, environmental, cultural and technological schemas? How we experience our lives depends on the ‘times’ we live in, which can have a significant impact on our behaviour and shape the people we become. Psychologists who have studied the connection between time and human behaviour for generations have suggested that the human body has its own internal biological clock that drives the species to perpetuate their survival and the ticking of this metaphorical timekeeper is based on the manner in which the human psyche is driven to attention and arousal. As watchmakers, our connection to time goes deeper than a simple assembly of mechanical parts. We understand the significance of every piece we make to the lives of the people that own it; the reliance on the machine that dictates the progress of the day. The attachment to an investment that you take with you everywhere.

The circadian routines that rule our lives and the basic physiological processes of our existence rely on the stability of time. Almost every experience we have, can in the perspective of time, change our lives drastically depending on the moment in time it occurs. It is such an elusive and elegant equation – to think that this thing called ‘time’ has such power and while we can measure it, we can never control it. Timekeepers measure time so we can live our lives in measured days and maintain a rhythm that lulls us into thinking we are in control of the lives we lead. But the reality of time is such that no one controls it. Its power lies in its ability to flow freely which ensures that the sun rises and sets no matter what is happening in the world. And that stability always has the potential for a better day.

When we choose to purchase a watch of a certain repute, we factor in reliability, durability, appearance and status. It usually isn’t a decision based on the conscious personification of an instrument that shares every moment of your life, but at Hawchester, we think of every watch we make as just that- the silent partner that keeps the journey of life ticking. Our founding principles of valuating each machine to every individual customer makes us invested in the success of each person that becomes a part of the Hawchester family. It becomes a partnership that we embark on together and hope to be a part of, throughout your lifetime and generations of lifetimes in the future.

Written by Hawchester London