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Our Story


I am not led, I lead


Welcome to Hawchester! We are honoured to keep time for you.

Conceived in 2018, Hawchester was inspired by the legacy of British clock and watch making history. From the 16th to the 18th century British clock and watchmakers pioneered several aspects of this industry and were regarded as the best the world over.

Hawchester watches is a dedication to this legacy of Great British watch making. Designed in a quintessentially British style, taking inspiration from all that is British, we named our first collection the “Clerkenwell” collection as a dedication to the watchmakers of Clerkenwell, London.


Our vision is simple- to give anyone pursuing their ambitions every day, the opportunity to own a watch that is more than just an accessory.
A watch that identifies with your unique journey and chimes in sync with your own unique pursuit of perfection.

Your Hawchester timepiece will stand by you with silent precision and an authentic identity as you navigate through life and pursue everyday perfection.
We are privileged to be with you on your individual journey to lead and not be led.

Non Ducor, Duco 

I am not led, I lead

The Founder


The roots of a childhood steeped in the family business of jewellery and watch making, led me to pursue a career that appreciated the same attention to detail and quality which was sharpened by a dedicated work ethic.

As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I practice my passion for precision every day. My interest in horology encouraged me to expand my senses to take in more of the rich watch culture that exists in the UK.

I believe now that it was my love for the intricacies of how things work and pursuing the perfection of my craft that drove me to take on the challenge of developing Hawchester.

Today, inspired by the legacy of this incredible instrument and designing it in a quintessentially British style, I present to you the Clerkenwell collection of luxurious timepieces, whose every chime represents the past, present and future of the pursuit of perfection in our everyday lives.

With timeless gratitude,