What put the ‘Great’ in Great Britain?

What was it that made Britain ‘great’? Well, there might be a plethora of answers to that question but to us at Hawchester London, it is the same spirit of self belief and innovation which led England down the path of greatness that encouraged us to open our doors. In fact, while the first time-piece was not constructed in England, the 1500’s saw our great nation enter the watch trade and by the 1800s not only did we excel in the industry but become responsible for the manufacture of more than half the world’s watches at the time. British innovators like Hooke, Tompion, Graham and more became authorities on the subject and developed mechanisms that laid the foundation for the modern watches and clocks that we enjoy today.

Britain is a long-standing monarchy steeped in tradition and culture and while there are many Commonwealth nations that can attest to the positives of being a colony, there is a thought that tradition and a reluctance to accept a more global way of thinking held back our great country, which saw us knocked off the perch by other nations, who were more adept at accepting change and growth. Within the watch industry, that was certainly the case with European and other competitors finding more efficient and profitable ways to capitalise on the trade, thus igniting the decline of the British prowess in watch manufacture.

Yet, while scholars may still be undecided on whether England is too set in its ways, we believe that being true to one’s heritage and being proud of one’s culture is a ‘great’ way to maintain perspective. The art of the craft is not lost among the watch enthusiasts here. They are smaller circles and it is smaller production, but the beauty and purity of the watch maker’s craft is certainly well preserved and deservedly celebrated amongst authentic horologists in the UK. It was this watch culture and the spirit of the industry that we absorbed on a sunny Sunday afternoon when the winds of the past whispered in Clerkenwell, the historical centre of the British watch trade, that propelled us to begin this journey.  The inspiration from that day, from that place, has always been central to our philosophy of being ‘Proudly British’.

As a micro brand taking inspiration from British horology, we are keen to maintain business goals that collaborate with and contribute to the individuals that have made this trade one of repute and character. Hawchester London is committed to seeking out and working with people who are determined to pursue their ambitions and exemplify what it means to be great, because to us that is what makes Great Britain ‘great’, it’s the people- it’s their relentless drive to lead themselves and those around them to discover their dreams all the while maintaining a deep rooted sense of community.

Written by Hawchester London